How to get started or step up your internal podcast game.

Never created an internal podcast before? No sweat! Starting a podcast is easy. Making it all-kinds-of-awesome needs a little bit of planning. These questions will help you get there.

More and more companies turn to internal podcasts to boost remote culture, be a more authentic leader, onboard new talent, inspire their employees, or deepen their internal comms. We get it; there are many good reasons why you should do it, too. This article sets you up for success from the get-go with our “Podcasts for Teams” canvas.
How do I get started? This might be the most asked question we hear from customers. Why not here:
👋A note from our Co-founder
Want to work this out on paper? Shoot me an email, and I reply with the printable canvas for free. No strings attached.
🤩 Value
→ Is audio the right medium?
→ Why should anyone listen to it?
→ What’s different or unique about it?
→ Why do we need this?
👋 Audience
→ Who is it for? (And don’t tell me it’s for everyone …)
→ To whom is this meaningful?
🖼 Format
→ What’s the chosen format for your message? Find inspiration here.
→ Will this be interview-style? Reporting-style?
🎯 Topic
→ What is this about?
→ What’s the hook?
⏱ Duration and frequency
→ How long will people listen to it?
→ How often will there be new content?
⚙️ Resources
→ Who do we need for production?
→ Who will make the recording?
→ What kind of equipment and infrastructure do we need?
→ Is this a polished production or a scrappy recording?
📆 Timeframe
→ When is the right time to do this?
→ How much time do we schedule for this?
→ When is launch day?
💼 Sponsors
→ Who do we need to pitch this idea to?
→ What’s the budget?
→ Is there a green-lighting process you need to go through?
🧱 Context
→ What content are we already creating internally?
→ How does this fit in or complement our existing strategy?
Some of you might think: Isn’t there an easy way? And we’re not gonna lie: production can feel overwhelming initially (you are not alone). You might not have the time but want an internal podcast—ideally with a fixed budget. That’s why we created “the easy way” package for internal company podcasts, including production, editing, hosting, and private distribution. You get smart analytics as a cherry on top. It’s your all-around, one-stop, carefree package, so to speak. Ask us directly about pricing.
In the next chapter, we push that red button and start recording. You’ll learn how to record a podcast remotely with no, low, and pro budget.

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