Internal podcast ideas inspired by the world’s most innovative teams.

Podcasts don’t necessarily need a fixed format - they are your playground. But here are eight ways big companies use internal podcasts to engage, inspire and inform their employees.

Below you find a deep dive into each category.
🏄 Onboarding
→ Channel the company’s vision, mission, and purpose into a message with a human voice
→ Let new hires know that they are supported with welcome messages from the team
→ Serialisation can help gradually build up the knowledge (even before their first day (pre-boarding))
→ Stimulates a sense of belonging and excitement from day one, for example, when you listen to the founders’ story
👩‍💻 Employee Voices
→ Give your team a platform to talk about their accomplishments, learnings, personal journeys, or even *everything but* work.
→ Source of inspiration for others to connect and weave the social fabric of your company
→ Stimulates a sense of diversity and inclusion, momentum, and positivity and enables unlikely connections at work.
🧢 Leadership Lessons
→ One-on-one time with the CEO or other members of leadership where they shed light on perspectives, goals, and personal views — maybe even struggles or challenges?
→ Opportunity to make leadership more accessible and personal
→ Stimulates the idea of working towards a common goal
→ Higher loyalty, engagement, and willingness to advocate for your company
🎧 Training & Development
→ Flexibly integrate training into your everyday life at your own pace
→ Scalable across the whole company, always there when you need them
→ Track progress across the entire team
→ Stimulates a sense of calm, self-confidence, and curiosity
🏢 Town Halls & Meetings
→ Avoid video call fatigue with recorded town halls and meetings
→ Add chapters to highlight essential messages
→ Opportunity to foster a sense of transparency
→ Stimulates a sense of democracy and informedness
🏓 Work Culture
→ Keep teams bonded even when apart
→ Break the ice between distributed teams across the globe
→ Let people talk about their weirdest hobbies, newly learned skills, favourite company moments, or a thing that most people don’t know about them
→ Make it a fun series like “A coffee with …” every Tuesday morning
📢 Announcements
→ Bring everyone on the same page with company-wide announcements
→ Reach more people with digestible, personal, and fun audio messages
→ Opportunity to increase productivity and balance information asymmetries
→ Stimulates a sense of transparency and fosters common understanding
🪵 Fireside Chats
→ Bring in (external) speakers to share their wisdom with your team
→ Great opportunity for training and education
→ Stimulates creativity and excitement within the company
→ Possible guests: Industry experts, alumni, founders, speakers
Ready to move away from highly edited messages or costly videos? Making a podcast is a relatively small and undemanding production. All you need is a decent microphone, basic knowledge of audio editing, and a distribution strategy to reach your teams securely. In the next chapter, we’re getting started!

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