How to create a private podcast or take it to the next level.

Never created an internal podcast before? No sweat! Starting a podcast is easy. Making it all-kinds-of-awesome needs a little bit of planning. These questions will help you get there.

More and more companies turn to internal podcasts to boost remote culture, be a more authentic leader, onboard new talent, inspire their employees, or deepen their internal comms. We get it; there are many good reasons why you should do it, too. This article sets you up for success from the get-go with our “Podcasts for Teams” canvas.

How do I get started?

This might be the most asked question we hear from customers. Why not here:

Want to work this out on paper? Send us an email , and we’ll send you the printable canvas for free.

🤩 Value

  1. Is audio the right medium?
  2. Why should anyone listen to it?
  3. What’s different or unique about it?
  4. Why do we need this?
  5. Which content gaps are we filling?

👋 Audience

  1. Who is it for?
  2. To whom is this meaningful?

🖼 Format

  1. What’s the chosen format for your message? Find inspiration here (link to use cases).
  2. Will this be interview-style? Reporting-style?

🎯 Topic

  1. What is this about?
  2. What’s the hook?

Duration and frequency

  1. How long will people listen to it?
  2. How often will there be new content?

⚙️ Resources

  1. Who do we need for production?
  2. Who will make the recording?
  3. What kind of equipment and infrastructure do we need?
  4. Is this a polished production or a scrappy recording?

📆 Timeframe

  1. When is the right time to do this?
  2. How much time do we schedule for this?
  3. When is launch day?

💼 Sponsors

  1. Who do we need to pitch this idea to?
  2. What’s the budget?
  3. Is there a green-lighting process you need to go through?

🧱 Context

  1. What content are we already creating internally?
  2. How does this fit in or complement our existing strategy?

📢 Promotion

  1. How do we promote the podcast internally?
  2. Do we use existing channels?
  3. How can we build a loyal listenership over time?
  4. How can we be the signal, not the noise?

📲 Performance

  1. What can we measure?
  2. What makes sense to measure?
  3. Is it quantitative or qualitative driven?

Isn’t there an easy way?

Some of you might think: Isn’t there an easy way? And we’re not gonna lie: production can feel overwhelming initially (you are not alone). You might not have the time but want an internal podcast—ideally with a fixed budget. That’s why we created “the easy way” package for internal company podcasts, including production, editing, hosting, and private distribution. You get smart analytics on top. It’s your all-around, one-stop, carefree package, so to speak. Ask us directly about pricing.

In the next chapter, we push that red button and start recording. You’ll learn everything from what to do before, during, and after your (remote) recording .

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