How and where to host and stream your private podcasts.

Got your internal podcast ready to go? It’s time to share it with your team, function, or the whole company. But where can you stream the branded internal podcast? In this chapter, we share the ins and outs of hosting and sharing your internal podcast — from very secure and harder to access to not secure at all but very easy to use.

Finding the right way to share your podcast internally depends on your needs. Do you need to keep it private? Do you want to restrict certain employees from listening? Do you want to scope your audience for every episode? How important are analytics to you? What do you want to track? And what should the listening experience look like for your employees? The answers to these questions will make it easier to pick and choose the right platform for your company. Here we go:

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🔒🔒🔒 App - Members only

Only members who downloaded the app and are registered in your workspace can listen to your internal podcasts.

▲ Best security: Not impossible, but the hardest to copy and download an episode; full control over who gets to listen to what content

▼ Highest barrier: Employees must download a new app and register to access internal company podcasts

🔒🔒 Web App - Members only

Only registered members of your workspace can listen to your internal podcasts.

▲ High security: Difficult to copy and download audio content; simple and mobile access through the browser; can revoke access individually later (e.g., when an employee leaves the company)

▼ Higher barrier: Employees must be invited with a secure link or through email or register with the company’s SSO solution

🔒🔒 Share with a link

Anyone with the link can listen to your internal podcast on the web.

▲ Decent security: Simple sharing and access with a non-guessable link; employees are used to this way of sharing information from Google Docs, Loom, Dropbox, and the like

▼ Lower barrier: Easier to copy and download a podcast but also less friction because employees don’t need to register

🔒 Private RSS Feed

Anyone with the link to the private RSS feed can listen to your episode through their podcast app.

▲ Low barrier: Employees can open the content in all podcast apps like Spotify or Apple Podcasts

▼ As secure as “Share with a link”: Your podcast is only hidden but available in public podcast apps; anyone can find your episodes if they know where to look (or get a hint); not as flexible as a web link; manual import of employees; you can’t revoke listeners from listening

🔓 Public RSS Feed

Anyone can listen to your episode through their podcast app.

▲ No barrier: Easy access for anyone; it makes sense if you want to reach an external and internal audience (therefore larger)

▼ No security; scoping your audience is not possible

With  Pager , you get three options to share your episodes privately and still make it easy to access for your teams: Web App - Members only , Share with a link , Private RSS Feed . And we also offer you an embeddable player. Got more questions?  We’re here for you.

In the next chapter, we dive deeper into internal podcast marketing and spreading the word within your company about your new internal podcast. See you there!

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