Ideas for spreading the word about your internal company podcast.

Creating your employee podcast is one thing; doing internal marketing for it is another. And we recently learned about the term for it: Internal Marketing. Unfortunately, in most companies, internal marketing could be done better, if at all. Here to change it? We got you.

Like in a consumer advertising campaign, you must surprise and charm your audience. It’s a task of persuasion, not information. So whatever channel(s) you will use to build a loyal listenership, be the signal, not the noise. Here are five ideas on how to spread the word about your internal podcast (besides Slack messages and intranet posts):

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💬 Word of mouth

Word of mouth is the most effective way to promote anything - and podcasts. Get employees talking about your internal podcast. How? Make them part of the series. Invite inspiring external guests. Talk about topics they deeply care about. You don’t have to do the heavy lifting alone because peer-to-peer marketing goes a long way.

💌 Snail-mails

Back in the day, snail mail was one of the only ways to reach an audience. Today, a real postcard or letter (yes, printed and stamped by the post office) will cut through the noise. How? Make it personal. Match it with the style of your internal podcast. Include a mesmerizing passage from an episode. Create your post stamp with that fab podcast cover artwork you created. The sky is the limit. Really.

🎟 Company Events

The nature of podcasts is on-demand. So everyone gets to listen whenever it works best for them. That doesn’t mean you can’t plan an event around your internal podcast. How? Create special live episodes a few times a year. Choose a great location. Host a panel with employees. Let them vote for a relevant subject. Most teams use internal podcasting to build and foster connections while apart, but people will remember your podcast differently if you meet in person now and then.

📧 Internal Newsletters

If your company uses newsletters internally, you can include the launch of your internal podcast and new airs. Just remember: It’s a task of persuasion, not information. How? Create a trailer. Make your audience curious. Add audio snippets from a recent episode. Tease them with great copywriting. Every episode is a treasure trove of content. Use its richness and convert audio to other influential formats. Re-purposing is the word of the hour.

🤝 Meetings

Do you host company-wide town halls or all-hand meetings? Catch your employees’ attention. How? Use the first or last minute to talk about a recent episode, share best-ofs, or tell a story from where you almost messed up during a recording. If those bigger meetings don’t happen frequently, inspire team leaders to talk about the internal podcast in their meetings. It’s internal influencing at its best.

Did you find other ways to promote your internal podcasts that worked gold? Let us know! In the next chapter, we dive deeper into podcast performance and help you understand what and how to measure it.

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