The pros and cons of adding video to your private podcast.

In response to the recent rise of video podcasting and a few requests for a video podcasting feature at Pager here and there, it’s time to ask: Is video podcasting a fad or the future?

Before you grab your camera, let’s look at what exactly video podcasting is: An audio podcast with a visual element. But there’s more to it than just turning the camera on and filming your guests. You probably need to re-strategize your content altogether. So start by asking: Are our interviews video-worthy? Do our podcasts need visual context?

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Rule of thumb: Are more than three guests joining your podcast? Consider adding video to your podcast as it might be easier to follow the conversation.


  1. Video podcasting allows for richer context by seeing guests’ facial expressions, gestures, and body posture. Help employees experience the content as if they were in the same room.
  2. Video podcasting catches people’s attention faster because we, as humans, are highly visual creatures. Get creative, and think beyond the single-person view with split screens or multi-cam shots.


  1. Video podcasting requires people to sit in front of a display. Audio-only podcasts are screen-free by nature. Make sure employees can opt out of video and listen only, too.
  2. Video podcasting needs a different location and equipment setup. Audio-only podcasts are easier and cheaper to produce. Think twice if a video track is worth the extra effort, time, and money.

We often say: Adding video is helpful if more than three people join a conversation. Imagine a panel discussion. Then, the visual element (if done well) can make it easier to follow the conversation closely and relate to each voice. But for video podcasts to succeed, they need to be created with audio listeners in mind. So audio storytelling isn’t going anywhere.

What about you? Do you prefer to watch or listen to podcasts? Also, read why Ash Noland purposely chose an audio-only news show to connect her non-desk workers.👇

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