The importance of picking the right name for your private podcast.

Going in circles coming up with podcast name ideas? You've arrived at the right place. Naming anything is hard. Doesn't matter if it's a baby, a business — or a private podcast.

Although there is no magic formula, good podcast names are typically short and sweet, containing two to four simple words. Great podcast names are also easy to spell, pronounce and remember! If you add a twist, connect it to the brand, and hint at your show's content, you're getting five stars.

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Let's take a look at three great examples:

Pit Stop by Aurora

Aurora is revolutionizing transportation with self-driving technology. Its former internal comms champ, Ash Noland, started an internal news podcast to keep all the frontline workers connected while on the move. The name Pit Stop reflects the company's connection to the road and explains the podcast's purpose in just two words. Why? Because the weekly episodes are like snacks, ten minutes or less. There you go!

Context by Shopify

Shopify is making commerce better for everyone. Its founder and CEO, Tobi Lütke, started an internal leadership podcast in 2017 and has hosted it weekly. It's his way of showing employees how Shopify works. Why do we think it's such a good name? The name Context doesn't beat around the bush. It tells listeners what it is: a podcast about giving context around major decisions happening in the company. Easy as that!

Snap Shot by Salesforce

Salesforce is building bridges between companies and customers. So it doesn't surprise that they also invest in their sales teams. Its creative and content champ, Noelle Moreno, introduced a 10-minute weekly podcast. The name Snap Shot explains what the show is about: an audio-only news feed digging deeper into relevant topics to keep sales teams informed, updated, and winning! Nothing more to say!

Back to you. How do you find your podcast name? Start here:

Step 1:  Think about your audience. What do they expect?

Step 2:  Choose a descriptive tagline. What do you plan to talk about?

Step 3:  Pick a catchy name. What is the overall voice & tone?

Step 4:  Make it memorable. Is it easy to pronounce and remember?

Step 5:  Add a twist, be original. Does your podcast name entertain?

Step 6:  Run it by employees. Do they get it? Would they listen?

Still not sure where to start? Here's a dose of inspiration stolen from leading teams and companies. Just fill in the blanks:

  1. People of [your company]
  2. [Your company] Voices
  3. [First name of CEO] Unplugged
  4. [Your company] Cast
  5. A word with [first name of CEO]
  6. [Your company] Talks
  7. Inside [your company]
  8. The [your company] Show
  9. [First name of CEO] Radio
  10. [Your team] Snacks

Found the one? Start saying it out loud. Does it roll off the tongue? Often, a phrase reads fantastic on paper but not when we say it aloud. Podcasting is an audio medium, after all, so the sound of your podcast name should be easy to say. We wish you success and can't wait to see your private podcast on Pager! Already seen this article about creating your podcast artwork?

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