Learn how to start a private podcast in 3 hours.

It’s no secret that podcasts are booming. And also, employee podcasts have been one of the biggest trends in internal communications over the last months. Brands like Buffer, Shopify, Nike, Atlassian, Salesforce, and the like see and use the power of podcasting to reach the hearts and minds of their employees. It’s easy to see why: Podcasts can add depth and dimension to your stories, engage your listeners differently, and reach employees where they are without being glued to a screen.

Are you wondering if you should start an internal podcast? Or do you already run one and want to take it to the next level? This online workshop will explore how audio storytelling can give internal comms a new spin. We’ll discuss the power of podcasting and learn how other companies are using it internally. But most importantly, we’ll work on your podcast idea and dive deeper into the most relevant aspects for you — from planning, recording, editing, hosting, promoting, and measuring.


  1. The power of (private) podcasts
  2. The basics of internal podcasting, from planning to producing and promoting
  3. Common use cases and case studies
  4. The Podcast-for-Teams Canvas
  5. Your company’s internal podcast


  1. Welcome (15 min)
  2. Framing (15 min) This session works out the building blocks for later. We ask you a bunch of questions to learn more about your internal podcasting journey, where you stand right now, what you hope to take away from the workshop, and which aspects of making a podcast are most relevant to you. So we can propel things forward!
  3. Presentation (30 min) This session explores the power of podcasts, why audio storytelling is becoming more popular within workplaces, and how other teams and companies use podcasts internally. Common use cases and concrete case studies included.
  4. Break (10 min) Stand up, make a coffee, get some fresh air!
  5. Individual & Group Work (60 min) Now it’s time to work on your internal podcast guided by the “Podcasts for Teams Canvas.” A simple tool that turns your idea into a plan or takes your podcast to the next level. We prioritize the most relevant building blocks for you depending on where you stand in your podcasting journey. We’ll share the tool prior to the workshop.
  6. Break (10 min) Eat a snack, close your eyes, make a few steps!
  7. Q&A Session (35 min) Your turn! This session is your chance to pepper me with your most pressing questions about internal podcasting in general and regarding your internal podcast(s) at your company. 
  8. Over and Out (5 min)


Hi, we’re Silja and Simon and co-founders of Pager , the platform for private podcasts. One of us will host your online workshop within the next four weeks. Our podcasting journey started a few years ago when we launched The Idealists , a podcast about tomorrow’s realists. Back then, we had zero experience, just a lot of curiosity. But we learned quickly: Podcasting is messy.

Today, we’re still hooked on audio storytelling and bring the power of podcasts (aka authentic, personal, and meaningful conversations that matter) to the workplace. During the past two years, we did a ton of research, read everything around employee-only podcasts, and talked to 180+ internal comms people and teams about their internal podcasting journeys. We’re happy to share what we see out there.


$880 excl. VAT.

What others are saying

“Simon and Pager took us through a mini-workshop to help structure our ideas and bring forward a crystal clear format for us to continue building from. It is always a healthy exercise to “mood-board” your thoughts and visions with someone competent while completely objective from outside of the company.” — Cirkeline Ask, Director of Community, The Org

This online workshop is for everyone who wants to start an internal company podcast. Or take it to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you are dreaming about an internal company podcast or already running one — we’ll make sure to propel things forward in this session. Please write us an email and we’ll send you the payment link. We’ll find a slot for you or your team within the next four weeks.

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