Make non-desk employees feel heard at work with a private podcast.

80% of today’s global workforce does not sit at a desk to do their work. They drive trucks, serve in restaurants, sell in stores, or operate on construction sites. And even though they make up a significant portion of the global workforce (like 2.7 billion people), they are often left in the dark.

One company told us their non-desk workers don’t even have a corporate email address. So how do you communicate with a desk-less workforce meaningfully and reach them where they are?

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Here are four internal podcast ideas to engage your frontline employees:

1. Follow me around

The Leadership Podcast: Make deskless employees feel seen and celebrate their work. Let the CEO spend a day with them. Record it, and turn each day spent at the frontline into an episode.

2. Be heard at work

The Employee Podcast: Give non-desk workers a voice. Interview your employees out in the field about their work and story. Use the podcast to talk about their small and big wins.

3. Time to grow

The Learning Podcast: Offer self-paced learning on the go. Create audio lessons to upskill your mobile workforce. Include peer-to-peer interviews, best practices, and relevant topic deep dives.

4. Be in the loop

The News Podcast: Keep non-wired teams aligned and included. Turn your live meetings into weekly async podcast episodes. Make them short, relevant, and fun!

Private podcasting makes leaders more accessible, breaks down silos, and includes non-wired employees in the story. And don’t just take our word for it. Meet internal comms pros Ash Noland , Zane Ewton , and Mette Thesbjerg Klint , who use audio storytelling to keep their non-wired teammates on the same page!

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